안녕! 난 미사라고 해요~ :) Welcome to my site! I'm glad you found me, and I hope you are too! ^^ I post guitar chords for Kpop songs, and I LOVEEEE B1A4 ♪ 방탄소년단 (BTS) ♪ Beast ♪ Block B ♪ B.A.P ♪ Phantom ♪ BTOB ♪ UKISS ♪ Teen Top ♪ EXO-K ♪ John Park ♪ K.Will ♪ 서인국 ♪ Standing Egg ♪ J Rabbit ♪ 10cm ♪
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I love this song too :DDD The guitar is really awesome, but these are just the basic chords heheh. I was expecting this song to be kinda difficult to figure out but it was surprisingly easy! Really fun :)

Big Bang ♪ EGO
Fm Cm D#m A#m

(I think this sounds best (and is easier) played on the 6th and 8th frets, but you can also play the lower bar chords :D)

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